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16 Dedicated Metal Recycling Facilities in Michigan

From your old car to metal scrap from your industrial plant, PADNOS is the solution to your recycling needs. We leverage our expertise to assist with your waste reduction and pollution prevention goals.

Industrial Scrap

Industrial Scrap

What metals you can sell to us?

We pay for ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap of most grades. We can handle prepared or unprepared material, from an old car containing fluids and oils, with tires still attached, to valuable metal scraps from your industrial plant for re-use. In all of our operations we aim for waste reduction and pollution prevention. We reserve the right to refuse hazardous materials.

Household Recycling

Industrial Scrap

What are scrap metal prices?

Scrap metal prices depend on the market dynamics of each specific metal. Prices can change daily, weekly, or at a month's end, depending on the product type. Our pricing is also affected by the amount and quality of the material. Our recycling centers run loyalty programs, and can provide tips to improve your ROI to help you make more from your scrap.

Please call (800) 442-3509 to discuss buying or selling any grade of material

Our Infrastructure

Truck Scales


All of our open-to-the-public recycling centers have truck scales to weigh your material without having to leave the comfort of your vehicle. We also have industrial scales for larger loads from our corporate customers.

Truck fleet

Truck fleet

PADNOS operates one of the largest fleets for hauling recyclable material in our region. Our computerized fleet management system tracks your request from the moment you call until the delivery is complete. We offer our transportation services 24/7/365 as we strive to complete all service requests within 24 hours.

Processing capabilities

Processing capabilities

PADNOS is full service processor utilizing scrap shredders, balers, shears, flatteners and cutting edge metal separation technologies. These capabilities enable us to provide our customers with the highest possible value from their scrap metal streams. Read more about our infrastructure.

In-house engineering

In-house engineering

We design and build unique equipment, containers and trailers to best serve our customers and partners. Whether you have challenges related to space, logistics or scrap handling we work alongside them to ensure we can solve their pressing issues. Check out our Machine Shops in Holland and Grand Rapids.

Demolition and site clean-up

Demolition and site clean-up

  • Flattener/Flattening Equipment
  • Mobile Shear and Crane Services
  • Plant Tear-outs
  • Site Clean-up
Call us at (616)396-6521 and ask for our demolition and site clean-Up coordinator
ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Our Quality Management System for reprocessing and distribution of scrap metal is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard which has been verified by SGS Systems & Services Certification, an ANAB-accredited independent registrar.

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What We Buy


Industrial scrap

Stamping scrap, busheling, turnings, punchings, steel solids, automotive scrap, scrap assemblies, tooling, scrap coils.

Sheet iron

Appliances, maintenance scrap, sheet metal, automobiles, office furniture, small machinery.

Unprepared ferrous grades

Beams, angle iron, plate, racking, tooling/dies, large breakable cast, demolition scrap, obsolete plant equipment, unclean motors, unprepared cast iron, motor blocks.

Prepared ferrous grades

Heavy melt, foundry steel, plate & structural, clean auto cast, mixed cast.

Foundry by-products

Gates & risers, spills, scrap castings.



All grades; bare bright, clean copper, insulated copper wire etc.


Yellow brass, red brass, aluminum bronze, engineered grades, brass clips, hard brass, and more.


Industrial grades: 5052, 3003, 2025, turnings etc.
Extrusions: 6061, 6063
Secondary grades: cast, siding, sheet, clip etc.

Mixed metal grades

Catalytic converters, starters, alternators, radiators, electric motors, sealed units, and more!


Lead strips, misc. lead, range lead, wheel weights, die cast, magnesium, zinc turnings

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