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Leading Through Innovation

Innovation leverages all facets of our business, driving improvements in yours.

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Leading Through Innovation

Innovation is a key principle and success factor at PADNOS. Employees generate an average of 1,600 continuous improvement ideas each year.  New innovation leverages all facets of our business, driving improvements in yours.  

During our 100+ years of history, design and build teams at PADNOS have
produced innovative processing equipment and programs that have
consistently given us an edge in the recycling industry

Examples Include:

  • Back in the 60’s, when cars were abandoned along our state highways we designed “Pancake” car flatteners that helped clean the countryside of junked car bodies.
  • Invented Double and Tripple-lugger trucks that increase freight efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Built one of two hot briquetting systems in North America that take oily factory scrap turnings and turn them into raw material for producing new steel.

Today, Innovations remains a key factor of our culture and our drive to success:

  • Partner with leading software providers to design industry specific ERP systems.
  • Utilize Business Intelligence to increase efficiencies and refine our strategies.
  • Partner with top universities to research, develop & design imaginative metal separation systems.