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What Manufacturing Really Looks Like


October, 02 2015

What Manufacturing Really Looks Like

This infographic tells the story of manufacturing.


It shows how manufacturing enables our everyday lives, drives our economy, offers many different rewarding careers, and what can happen when communities across the country come together to show the public what manufacuring is...

  • Manufacturing is diverse.  The wide range of companies and their products reflected on the interactive, infographic map shows a bit of the breadth the industry provides each of us.
  • Manufacturing supports 17.4 Million U.S. Jobs
  • Manufacturing career opportunities include engineers, designers, machinists, computer programmers and so much more.
  • MFG Day gives everyone a way to celebrate and learn more about the backbone of America.

Check out the infographic to see what manufacturing really looks like:

Click the image to see the full size infographic.

What Manufacturing Really Looks Like

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