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Local Boys and Girls Club help their Flint members


February, 18 2016

Local Boys and Girls Club help their Flint members


HOLLAND, Mich (WOOD) — As the Flint Water Crisis continues, it’s always an encouragement to know groups nearby are working to alleviate the burden for our neighbors.

The Northside Boys & Girls Club in Holland are doing just that for their Flint counterparts.

This week was big for the club members, as they loaded a Padnos sponsored semi-truck filled with water for their friends across the state. With their efforts, along with generous community involvement, the Boys & Girls Club of Holland collected close to 1,000 cases of water for delivery!

PADNOS helps Boys and Girls Club

It is their hope that this effort will keep the Flint Boys & Girls Club in operation through the summer. With water, they will be able to cook and drink and maintain after school operations for youth and families alike.

Additional money raised through the water drive will also be used to donate winter gloves, backpacks, and books for the Flint Boys & Girls club as well. 

The Boys & Girls Club actively holds their mission to enable potential for their youth through positive community experiences. Whether this is through volunteerism or collecting water, their efforts in doing so have become a model for all.

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