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November, 11 2015



A Planned Generational Transition

PADNOS generations

Holland, MI (November 11, 2015) – PADNOS today announced changes to the company’s leadership team. 

Jeff Padnos, PADNOS chief executive officer commented, “One of the greatest challenges about family business success is maintaining it – especially over generations.  We believe that the leaders we are announcing today will help achieve our transition to the company’s fourth generation.”  Padnos continued, “We know succession in a family business is a lifelong process and doing it right requires time, discipline, planning, communication, and most important, passing on the culture that has made PADNOS what it is. Our next leadership team represents the best in the business with proven track records of serving our loyal vendors, customers, and employees, and delivering results.”

The third-generation PADNOS family members who lead and operate the business today, Doug, Jeff, Mitch, and Shelley Padnos, will guide and advise this new team through a planned leadership transition. Today, they are pleased to announce the following promotions and appointments:

Matt Heitmeier is named Vice President of Metals.  Mr. Heitmeier joined PADNOS in 1991 and has been instrumental in leading the company’s non-ferrous business. He will assume responsibility for the company’s ferrous and non-ferrous sales and purchasing activities.

Ben Irwin is named Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Irwin joined PADNOS in 2004. He continues to direct the company’s finance functions and will broaden his company-wide leadership responsibilities.

Leslie Lynch recently joined PADNOS as its Chief Administrative Officer. Ms. Lynch’s responsibilities will focus on leading the company’s administrative functions with optimal efficiency and innovation.

Scott O’Neil is named Vice President of Ferrous Sales.  Mr. O’Neil joined the company in 1999 and has been instrumental in the company’s successful ferrous product purchase and distribution.  Mr. O’Neil’s new role will focus on the development of critical strategic partnerships with steel mill and foundry customers as well as major industrial suppliers.  

Jonathan Padnos joined the company in 2011 and was key to advancing the company’s plastics business – from sales and purchasing to full operational responsibilities.  Mr. Padnos represents the fourth generation and will be responsible for overseeing the company’s successful execution of its strategy and annual business plans with his teams.

Rick Post is named Vice President of Secondary Fibers. Mr. Post joined PADNOS in 1993. He has played a critical role in the buying and selling of recyclable paper and will continue to work closely with paper mill customers and major regional suppliers as the company broadens its reach.

Al Tomes is named Vice President of Manufacturing. Mr. Tomes joined PADNOS in 1990 and has been a key player in the company’s innovative manufacturing processes. Mr. Tomes will lead all aspects of the company’s manufacturing activities.

Additionally, Josh Padnos and Sam Padnos, also fourth-generation family members, joined the company in 2014. Both are actively engaged in client-facing, account executive roles.

“We are doing something many family-owned businesses struggle to do – execute a planned and thoughtful transition to a fourth generation.  And if we are successful, we will be proud to have followed in the footsteps of several of our customers,” commented Shelley Padnos, PADNOS’s executive vice president. “What makes this leadership team work is the combination of existing and new leadership talent loaded with lots of PADNOS history and business smarts. Congratulations to Matt, Ben, Leslie, Scott, Jonathan, Rick, and Al.”


Founded in 1905, PADNOS is a family-owned and operated business, creating innovative recycling solutions and managing scrap products for industrial and commercial accounts with accuracy and efficiency. The company strives to make the best use of all resources in recycling paper, plastics, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals, as well as e-scrap at its 20 locations in Michigan and throughout the United States.

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