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ArtPrize includes a tribute to Stuart Padnos


September, 10 2012

ArtPrize includes a tribute to Stuart Padnos

Scrap is Beautiful-The View From Stuart’s Eye

“A couple of our employees came to us with the idea of honoring Stuart through an entry in ArtPrize,” said Shelley E. Padnos, executive vice president at Padnos and chair of Grand Valley’s Board of Trustees. 
“The Padnos company has been delighted to be able to support Stuart’s long-time collaborator, Juan Luna, in the creation and installation of the sculpture ‘Scrap is Beautiful-The View From Stuart’s Eye.’ It has been a labor of love for all of us.”

The colorful 2,500-pound metal sculpture, that stands 6 feet high and 12 feet-by-16 feet wide, was made in Holland in two pieces that were bolted together at the installation.

Luna, who has been a welder and fabricator with Padnos since 1995, was the one Stuart turned to for help in making his art sculpture visions a reality. “Each element of this ArtPrize sculpture represents a project Stuart and I worked on together,” said Luna. The flower pieces are representative of sculptures at the company headquarters in Holland, and the crankshaft and rings are replicas of pieces at the Maintenance Facility in Grand Rapids. The marching band figure represents the larger piece at Grand Valley. “The other figure is Stuart and his dog, admiring the sculptures.”

Extract from GVSU now