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Metal Scrap Solutions for Local and Global Shipment

We ensure a high level of quality and consistency across our full range of products: primary and secondary grades of steel, copper bricks, chops and wires, cast iron and steel briquettes, brass turnings and borings, and rod and alloy turnings. 

Our management system has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard for reprocessing and distribution of scrap metal.

Industry Leading Quality

Industry Leading Quality

Advanced testing technology

We use numerous handheld spectrometers to verify material chemistry for ferrous and non-ferrous products. We keep electronically accessible libraries of customer specifications for all material grades.

Shipping Capabilities

Industry Leading Quality

Domestic and international shipment

PADNOS operates a 75+ truck fleet with a GPS-scheduling and tracking system to locate drivers’ positions in real time.
For international shipment, we are AQSIQ certified, can provide/arrange AES filing, commercial invoice packing list, original or express release of ocean bills of lading, CCIC.

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Our Infrastructure

Block Crusher

Block Crusher

Our block crusher is able to reduce large engine blocks into much smaller chunks. Then, material sorters manually remove aluminum and other attachments. The end-products clean, crushed and washed autocast that can be used in steel mills and foundries as a pig iron substitute.



We operate one of two hot briquetting operations in North America. This process combines cast iron borings and steel turnings with other materials to create a solid briquette with less than 1% moisture content. Briquettes are utilized as a substitute for pig iron and other similar inputs crucial to the steel production process.

Ferrous and non-ferrous balers

Ferrous and non-ferrous balers

We operate four ferrous balers, five non-ferrous balers, along with several upstroke balers and brickers that allow us to compress loose new-industrial or post-consumer metals and mold them to the size and weight that meets the specific needs of our consumers.

Non-Ferrous Metal Separation Plant

Non-Ferrous Metal Separation Plant

We utilize a cutting-edge non-ferrous metal separation plant to recover metals out of auto shredder residue. This system greatly reduces the amount of non-magnetic metal sent to landfills by separating the non-ferrous metal from waste contained within raw auto shredder residue. This system produces insulated wire, circuit boards, Zorba and Zurik that are further recycled for future reuse.

Shears and Shredders

Shears and Shredders

We employ two fixed hydraulic shears to cut plate, farm equipment, tanks, racking and other materials. Each shear is staffed by a crew that sorts the materials into foundry and mill specific products according to our customers’ specifications. We also operate multiple shredders to produce fragmented metal products and shredded cast iron. Our shears and shredders can be used to manage destruction of anything from automobiles and appliances to proprietary parts.

Wire Chopping Plant

Wire Chopping Plant

In 2014, we commissioned a state-of-the-art wire and cable processing plant that is used to effectively process copper and aluminum wire. We are shredding # 1 insulated copper wire, # 2 insulated copper wire, harness wire, insulated aluminum wire, ACSR and auto shredder insulated wire. As a result, we are a regular supplier of a wide range of high grade clean copper and aluminum chops.

Please call (800) 442-3509 to discuss buying or selling any grade of material

Please call (800) 442-3509 to discuss buying or selling any grade of material

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Our Products


Prime grades

2’ low residual busheling
6” and under low residual busheling
Low residual shredded
High manganese busheling
High manganese shredded

Secondary grades

#2 shredded
2’ plate & structural
2’ alloy free
2’ foundry steel
2’ tin can bundles
2’ rail and otm

Foundry specialty items

Copper chops
Cover steel
Tooling services

Cast iron grades

Clean crushed auto cast
Clean auto cast
2’ machinery cast
Cast iron briquettes
Cast iron borings
Mixed cast


Prime grades

Mill busheling
#1 mill shredded
Industrial bundles
Dealer bundles
Coolant scrap

Secondary grades

#2 shredded
Tin can bundles
Cut steel/heavy melt
Plate & structural
Rail scrap
Mill grade hot briquettes
Machine cast

Specialty grades

Hot steel briquettes
Alloy turnings
Alloy plate
Specialty alloy grades


Copper grades

Bare bright
#1 copper
#2 copper
Copper bricks
Copper chops
Insulated wire
Recovery / refinery grades

Brass grades

Yellow, semi & red brasses
Brass turnings & borings
Industrial brasses (70/30, 90/10 etc)
Engineered grades (al, mg, etc)
Phos bronze
Auto radiators
Recovery / refinery grades

Stainless & Ni alloys

300 series solids & turnings
400 series solids & turnings
Stainless punchings
High temp alloys
Tool steels & carbide

Aluminum grades

Prime aluminum bales
(1100, 3000 & 5000 series)
Extrusion grade bales
(new 6063, old, painted, 10/10)
Secondary bales
(panted siding, old sheet, Mlc, taint/tabor)
Ubc & mra

Other metals

Lead (batteries, lead scrap)
Zinc (old die cast, new die cast,
Painted/plated die cast)
Magnesium (solids)
Litho film

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