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Secure and environmentally compliant recycling of old computers, cell phones, and more.

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Why recycle your old computers and scrap electronics?

E-scrap, such as old laptops and smartphones, contains toxic heavy metals and chemicals. If burned in incinerators or disposed of in landfills these toxic substances may be released into the air and groundwater, creating unnecessary threats to our health and environment.

Thus, when disposing of your so-called e-waste, you should approach certified electronics recyclers who follow media sanitization standards (SERI R2, NIST 800-88) and keep updated State DEQ permits to collect and process electronic scrap. This ensures that your scrap will not be dumped.

PADNOS Electronics Recycling operates a Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management System that complies with the requirements of the RIOS:2016 and R2:2013 standards. The cornerstone of our program is our QEH&S Policy, which can be found here. This policy describes our commitments to all of our stakeholders.

Recycling Home Electronics

Recycling Home Electronics

How to recycle my old electronics?

Computers, monitors, towers, terminals, TVs, VCRs, phones, circuit boards. Bring your old electronics to one of our 14 Recycling Centers located throughout Michigan.

Our Electronics scrap experts dismantle and process your e-scrap in our state-of-the-art, recycling facility. Our process provides for the secure destruction of your personal, proprietary, sensitive, or classified information.

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

How to dispose of my company's e-scrap?

Many companies have a room filled with old computers, old servers and all kinds of obsolete electronic equipment that they can't get rid of because of data security or proper disposition concerns.

We provide environmentally responsible solutions for the disposition of old IT assets. Our process provides for the secure destruction of personal, proprietary, sensitive, or classified information of manufacturing companies, large and small businesses, municipalities, and governmental agencies.

Please call (800) 442-3509 to discuss buying or selling any grade of material

Why should I recycle my electronics with you?

Michigan DEQ permit

Michigan DEQ permit

PADNOS is registered with the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to collect and process electronic scrap (so-called electronic waste). We comply with federal and state recycling laws, and annually report the amount of recycled material as well as the names and locations of our recycling facilities.

Topnotch e-scrap processing facilities

Topnotch e-scrap processing facilities

Wyoming, MI is the home of our e-scrap recycling facility. We have a new, dedicated, and secure location over 9,000 sq ft with 24-hour video surveillance and restricted key-card access, meeting the highest standard in the electronics industry.

Data Security

Data Security

PADNOS follows industry leading guidelines for media sanitization as required by the Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) R2 Certification Standard, and in compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 Standard. Based on your specifications, we can wipe all data and/or shred your hard drives.

14 Recycling Centers

14 Recycling Centers

PADNOS accepts electronic scrap and other recyclable materials at our Recycling Centers located in Grand Rapids, Holland and Muskegon areas. We also operate in North, Southwest, and Mid-Michigan. Check out our locations!

Local Jobs

Local Jobs

PADNOS employs over 500 team members in Michigan and Indiana. Positions at our company range from the recycling specialist that assists you at our Recycling Center, to a member of our e-scrap team that dismantles and commoditizes recovered materials. Check our job openings!

Your electronics are not dumped

Your electronics are not dumped

Recycling your old electronics at a Certified e-scrap recycler like PADNOS ensures that your old computer will not be disposed of at a landifll and cause damage to our environment or our communities.

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Items we accept



Desktop, Laptop, Server, Tower, Main Frame, Blade, Telecom Rack

Circuit Boards

All Types


Cell Phone, Smart Phone, PDA (IPhone, IPod, Blackberry, Palm Pilot)

Hard Drives

Hard Drive / Internal & External Disk Drive


RAM, Memory, IC Chip, Processor Power Supply, UPS Power Cords, Cables, Wires Heat Sink, AC Adaptor, VGA Connector, Plastic Computer Fan



Printer, Scanner, Fax, Copier, Keyboards, Mice,
Docking Stations, LCD Flat Panel Monitors


IPad, Kindle, Fire

Audio / Visual Equipment

DVD, VCR, CD, Stereo, Receiver, Stereo, Radio, Speaker

Consumer Electronics

Kitchen Appliance, Vacuum Cleaner, Power Tool, Clock


Gaming System, GPS Unit, Memory Stick, Ink Jet & Toner Cartridge, Telephone, Answering Machine Rechargeable Battery (terminals must be taped)



CRT Monitor, CRT TV, LCD Flat Panel TV, LED TV, Plasma TV, Wood Console TV

Alkaline Battery, Lithium Primary (Button) Battery

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