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PADNOS handles all grades of recyclable paper

Our paper plant in Grandville, Michigan receives, sorts, bales, and ships over 30 different grades of paper to end customers all over the world.  

Paper mills count on PADNOS to balance short-term supply and demand.  We partner with all types of paper mills from tissue to packaging.


Collection & Brokerage


We buy all types of Paper Commodities

Our brokerage division provides local, regional and national support to vendors and paper mill customers as we match supply with demand in both spot and contractual markets.

Commodity Grades

Box Cuts
#8 News
OCC (Old Corrugated Container)
DLK (Double Lined Kraft Cuttings)
Pub Blanks
Sorted Office Paper (SOP)
Mixed Paper
Obsolete Catalogs & Marketing Material
Hard Whites
IGS (Glued Cartons)
Coated Book
Roll Stock
White Ledgers
Hard & Soft Covered Books

Please call (800) 442-3509 to discuss buying or selling any grade of material.

Specialty Containers

Transportation Service (616) 392-6961

Custom Solutions

One stop shop for all your recycling needs


  • We help your company become "GREEN"
  • We take all your recyclable materials and help you reduce landfill waste
  • Together we can create a Sustainability Program
  • We can implement a Scrap Management Solution that seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process
  • We help you reach your Sustainability goals  (simply reduce landfill costs all the way to zero landfill)
PADNOS helps you become 'Green'

PADNOS Logistics Management


  • We provide flatbed equipment, including drop deck trailers, to handle bulky or heavy items including oversized, and overweight items requiring special permits to haul
  • We offer mobile cranes dispatched to your worksite and service clean-up projects
  • We partner with interstate and international carriers to pick up scrap from your location
PADNOS Logistics Management

PADNOS: meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.


  • Onsite refrigerant recovery services by EPA certified technicians
  • Solutions to your facility storm water management
  • Active participant in the ELVS Mercury Switch Removal Program
  • Oil and fluid solution management
  • Waste reduction and pollution prevention in all operations
  • Continually improving our operations and activities in order to protect our environment
PADNOS Environmental Compliance

In-house engineering service and processing (R&D)


  • We create unique equipment solving all your space, logistics, scrap handling, and environmental needs
  • We can build the missing puzzle piece from scratch
  • Custom container development program
  • Scrap handling and sorting systems
  • Specialized machining, welding & fabrication
  • Custom Trailers & Containers
  • Check out IXL Machine Shop for additional information
PADNOS Custom Solutions

Demolition and site clean-up


  • Onsite Processing
  • Flatner/Flattening Equipment Available
  • Mobile Shear and Crane Services
  • Plant Tear-outs
  • Site Clean-up

Please call (616) 396-6521 and ask for our demolition and site clean-up coordinator. 

Demolition and Clean-Up Services

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